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December, 2023
26.12.2023 UCEWP staff members Dr. Ivan Kovalets and Dr. Svitlana Maistrenko conducted courses on the use of the websystem of forecasting the secondary air contamination for the listeners from the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commision of Saudi Arabia (NRRC) in frame of the Trainin-Course "Decision support systems", organized by NRRC.
December, 2020
21-23.12.2020 UCEWP staff members Dr. Ivan Kovalets and Dr. Svitlana Maistrenko conducted Training course on the 'Websystem for simulation of secondary air contamination by radionuclides' for the listeners from the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commision of Saudi Arabia (NRRC) and AFRY, Sweden.
November, 2020
November, 2020 Dr. Andriy Demydenko participated in International Webinar on "The Climate-ADAPT Adaptation Support Tool: practical experience and usage for policy, planning and decision making" organized by the Fondazione Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (18.11.2020) Professor Maderich participated in the online conference "Mathematics of Sea Ice and Ice Sheets" hosted by The Unvercity of Newcastle (9-12 November) UCEWP researchers performed online training on the "Use of CALPUFF-based web system for air pollution modeling" for listeners from AF-Ukraine (Kyiv) and NNRC (Saudi Arabia)
June, 2020
June, 2020 UCEWP researchers presented results of their research at presented research the International Conference MODS 2020 (29.06-01.07, online) "Modelling radionuclide scavenging in the ocean by a particle tracking in multicomponent medium with first-order reaction kinetics" at the Int. Conf. MODS 2020 (presented by professor Maderich) "Use of nuclear emergency response system for assessment of the transboundary transfer and radiological risks of the potential accidental releases at Khmelnitsky NPP" (presented by Ivan Kovalets) "Evaluation of spectral/grid nudging methods for weather analysis and forecasting in Kyiv region with the use of WRF mesoscale meteorological model" (presented by Alexander Khalchenkov)
May, 2020
May, 2020 UCEWP researchers presented their work at the European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2020 (8 May 2020, online): "Radionuclide atmospheric transport after the forest fires in the Chernobyl Exclusion zone in 2015-2018" (co-authored by Ivan Kovalets) Transformation of the first mode internal solitary wave over topography in three-layer flow (presented by Kateryna Terletska )
April, 2020
April, 2020 Ivan Kovalets presented the results of weather and air pollution modelling during fires in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in April, 2020 at The Third Meeting of the SATREPS PROJECT "Strengthening of the Environmental Radiation Control and Legislative Basis for the Environmental Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites in Ukraine" (April 20th, 2020, Kyiv)
November, 2019
November, 2019 Dr. Igor Brovchenko participated in working sessions of the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (Tsukuba, Japan) on the development and implementation of the ocean models
November, 2019
November, 2019 GIS Association of Ukraine together with UCEWP conducted event within GIS DayUA'19, dedicated to "Ecological GIS modeling of air pollution" (Nov. 18, lecturers Dr. Ivan Kovalets and Dr. Svitlana Maistrenko )
October, 2019
October, 2019 Professor V, Maderich, Dr. I. Brovchenko, Dr. R. Bezhenar, Dr. I. Kovalets conducted training course “Fate and behavior of radionuclide in marine environment, Advanced of emergency preparedness and Distribution modeling by physical and numerical hydrodynamic approach” for listeners from National Atomic Energy Agency of Indonesia (Slavutich, Ukraine, 15-18.10)
August, 2019
August, 2019 Vladimir Maderich, Igor Brovchenko, Kateryna Terletska, Roman Bezhenar, Ivan Kovalets presented reports related to radionuclides fate and transport modeling at the Meeting of Work Group 7 Marine modelling of the MODARIA-II International Project (June 3-4, 2019, Kiev)
May, 2019
May, 2019 Roman Bezhenar and Ivan Kovalets presented their research related to marine and atmospheric transport of radionuclides in Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
April, 2019
April, 2019 Dr. Kateryna Terletska presented research on Internal breather on the flow at the EGU General Assembly (Viennaб Austria, 7–12 April 2019) Advanced Source Inversion Module of the EU nuclear emergency response system RODOS, developed with the participation of UCEWP researchers, was presented at the 5-th NERIS Workshop (3-5 April 2019, Roskilde, Denmark)
December, 2018

Svitlana Maistrenko, Roman Synkevich and Ivan Kovalets participated at Elephant Hackaton conducted by Elephant Fund (Kiev, 1 Dec 2018, ), presenting R&D project Meteo2Energy: Meteorological forecasting for Wind Energy Applications (by I. Kovalets, A. Khalchenkov, S. Maistrenko, R. Synkevich, T. Dontsov-Zagreba)

October, 2018

Roman Bezhenar presented lectures on the development of ocean models and participated in working meetings in Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (Japan)

Ivan Kovalets conducted training on Environmental modeling in frame of KAU 2018 Data Science School, hosted by the Institute of Mathematics NAS of Ukraine (Kiev, 15-19 Oct 2018)

July, 2018

Vladimir Maderich, Igor Brovchenko, Roman Bezhenar, Kateryna Terletska presented lectures on their developments in modeling of marine environment at the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology

Ivan Kovalets participated in press-conference Experience with the European Decision Support System for nuclear emergency management, JRODOS, customised for Ukraine, State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, Kiev, 12 July 2018

June, 2018

Vladimir Maderich and Roman Bezhenar participated in meeting of the MODARIA-II WG7Marine modelling (IAEA, Wienna, 12-14 June 2018) presenting results of their simulation studies of marine radioactivity

  • Fukushima scenario: Eulerian model (THREETOX) application (by R.Bezhenar, V.Maderich.)
  • Fukushima scenario: Lagrangian model application (by I Brovchenko, V. Maderich.)
  • Atlantic scenario: Eulerian model (THREETOX) application (by R.Bezhenar, V.Maderich.)
  • Atlantic scenario: Compartment model (POSEIDON-R) application (by R.Bezhenar, V.Maderich.)
    May, 2018

    Alexander Khalchenkov presented at 3rd Int. Conf. on Atmospheric Dust (DUST2018, Milan, Italy) research on Numerical modeling of concentrations in air of radioactive aerosols (PM10) following dust emissions from contaminated territories around objects of storage of radioactive waste (Khalchenkov A., Kovalets I., Lavrova T., Todosienko S. )

    Kateryna Terletska, Sergey Kivva, Oleksandr Pylypenko, Mark Zheleznyak presented 5 reports at The European Geophysical Union General Assembly EGU2018 (Vienna, Austria, 813 April 2018):

    • Artificial radionuclides dataset of seawater, sediment and biota in marine environment at Black Sea and off Fukushima (by Aoyama M., Bezhenar R., Maderich V., Tateda Y., Tsumune D.)
    • Classification of ISW transformation over the South China Sea shelf (by Terletska K., V. Maderich, K. T. Jung, G. Wang, F. Qiao, I. Brovchenko, Shumin Jiang)
    • Updated module of radionuclide hydrological dispersion of the Decision Support System RODOS (by Kivva S., Zheleznyak M., Boyko O., Ievdin I., Pylypenko O., Mikhalsky O., Raskob W., Sorokin M.)
    • Flood forecasting and flood inundation mapping system developed for Ukrainian parts of Prut and Siret river basins within EAST AVERT project (by Pylypenko O., Zheleznyak M., Boyko O., Kovalets I., Kivva S., Khalchenkov A., Mikhalsky O., Sorokin M.)
    • Distributed model of radionuclide wash-o? from the Pripyat river watershed of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: testing and simulation of accidental deposition on snow cover (by Zheleznyak M., Boyko O., Kivva S., Oleksander Pylypenko O., Mikhalsky O., Tschiersch J., Hurkamp K.)

    May, 2018

    At RODOS Users Group Meeting held by BfS in Munich, Ivan Kovalets presented his research on:
    Use of RODOS atmospheric transport model for evaluation of possible locations of the source leading to detection of Ru-106 over Europe and Asia in 2017

    April, 2018

    UCEWP researchers Ivan Kovalets, Sergii Kivva, Oleksandr Pylypenko, Roman Synkevich jointly with researchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technologies conducted training on JRodos Chernobyl extensions to the users of the JRodos system from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, State Inspectorate of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, NAEK Energoatom, State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management and other. Training was conducted in frame of the EU INSC Project RODOS extension to the ChEZ

    February, 2018

    Vladimir Maderich, Igor Brovchenko, Roman Bezhenar, Kateryna Terletska presented lectures on their developments in ocean and marine modeling in The First Institute of Oceanography (China)

    November, 2017

    State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine in their press-release on 17.11.2017 regarding Ru-106 detected over Eurasia in September-October 2017 used results of simulations of the potential sources of airborne Ru-106 obtained by the UCEWP atmospheric modelling team (headed by Dr. I. Kovalets). The same results were actively mentioned by the Ukrainian and international media (TV Channel Ukraine, Radio Svoboda Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine, Daleko-Blisko.com and others)

    November, 2017

    UCEWP researcher Ivan Kovalets participated in IAEA Consultants Meeting on 'Mathematical Models for Assessing Remediation from Radioactively Contaminated Sites' (12-17 Nov 2017, Vienna) and presented research on:
    Atmospheric dispersion of radioactive aerosols around the uranium mill tailings of Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant

    October, 2017

    Ivan Kovalets participated in the 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (17 Oct 2017, Budapest, Hungary) and presented research of the UCEWP team related to water management and hydrometeorological forecasting in the Ukrainian part of the Danube region

    October, 2017

    UCEWP researcher Ivan Kovalets co-authored report at the 18th Int. Conf. Harmonization within atmospheric dispersion modeling for regulatory purposes. HARMO18 ( Bologna, Italy, 9-12 October 2017)

    May, 2017

    UCEWP researchers Dr. Ivan Kovalets, Dr. Sergiy Kivva participated in Opening Meeting of the Joint Japane-Ukraine project Strengthening of the Environmental Radiation Control and Legislative Basis for the Environmental Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Sites funded by SATREPS (Kiev, 29 May, 2017)

    December, 2016

    UCEWP researchers Ivan Kovalets, Oleksandr Pylypenko, Svitlana Anulich participated in starting meeting of the EU INSC project RODOS extension for Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Kiev, 14 Dec 2016)

    September, 2016

    Ivan Kovalets participated in International Facilia Workshop organized by Facilia AB in Kiev, and presented his research on:

      Lagrangian model of C-14 transport in the surfaceatmosphere of vegetated lands

    July, 2016

    In frame of the EU project EAST AVERT: prevention and flood protection in Siret and Prut river basins Ivan Kovalets conducted training on:

      WRF-Ukraine meteorological forecasting system for the users from Chernivtsi Hydrometeorological Center and Dnister-Prut Basin Management of Water Resources

    June, 2016

    Presentation of the nuclear emergency response system RODOS recently implemented in Ukraine (RODOS-Ukraine) was happened in The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU, 30 June). Representatives of the EC and key involved organizations, including SESU, NAEC Energoatom, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and UCEWP explained the main goals and achievements of the project and answered questions of journalists.

    May, 2016

    Vladimir Maderich and Roman Bezhenar co-authored report at 14th Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association Cape Town, South Africa, 9 - 13May 2016
    A platform for assessment of doses to the public from routine discharges of radionuclides to the environment from nuclear installations.

    Vladimir Maderich and Roman Bezhenar co-authored report at PICES-2016. 25 Year of PICES: Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future North Pacific Marine Science Organization November 2-13, 2016 San Diego, CA, USA
    Preliminary results from modeling of radionuclide transfer through marine food web using a multi-organ fish model.

    Ivan Kovalets co-authored 2 reports at 16th Int. Conf. on Harmonizationa Within Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling for Regulatory Purposes (HARMO17) (Budapest, 9-12 May, 2016).
    Modification and validation of a method for estimating the location of a point stationary source of passive non-reactive pollutant in an urban environment.

    On the exploitation of dose-response information for the source-reconstruction in the case of atmospheric hazardous material releases

    Ivan Kovalets co-authored report at the 35th International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application, Crete, Greece 3-7 Oct. 2016
    Validation of an inverse method for the source determination of a hazardous airborne material released from a point source in an urban environment

    January 2016

    Mark Zheleznyak, Vladimir Maderich, Ivan Kovalets, Sergey Kivva, Ievgen Ievdin, Alexey Boyko, Vladimir Koshebutsky, Alexander Mikhalsky participated in the final meeting held in Bratislava of the EU FP7 PREPARE Project on Innovative and integrative tools and platforms for radioalogical emergency preparedness and post-accident response in Europe. The project involved more than 40 European institutions; results of UCEWP team were presented in 8 reports and software demonstrations

      Fast and simple method with NPP fence measurements for source term estimation and its integration in JRODOS
      Advanced method for source term estimation and status of its integration in JRODOS
      Overview of WP5 and updated release of the watershed - river modeling chain RETRACE-RIVTOX and 2D reservoir model COASTOX in HDM , the implementation studies
      Integration of 3D model THREETOX in JRODOS-HDM, implementation studies and model validation on marine Fukushima scenarios
      Integration of marine food chain model POSIEDON in JRODOS and testing versus Fukushima data
      Integration of long-term models MOIRA-LAKE and MOIRA-RIVER into JRODOS- HDM
      Implementation of JRODOS-HDM for the assessment of Cs-137 transport and fate in rivers, reservoirs and ponds of the Fukushima Prefecture
      JRodos demonstration and simulation capabilities, Source term and RIMPUFF in ARGOS series of demonstrations and presentations of new tools
    December, 2015

    Members of UCEWP team will make the presentation on the Fall Meeting of American Geophysical Union , (San Francisco, USA)

      1. Zheleznyak M, Kivva S, Konoplev A, Nanba,K H Wakiyama, Multiscale Modeling of Radioisotope Transfers in Watersheds, Rivers, Reservoirs and Ponds of Fukushima Prefecture
      2. Kivva S, Zheleznyak M, Konoplev A, Wakiyama Y., Developing of Watershed Radionuclide Transport Model DHSVM R as Modification and Extension of Distributed Hydrological and Sediment Dynamics Model DHSVM
    November, 2015

    Ivan Kovalets presented results of UCEWP team on 'Improving decision support systems for response to nuclear and radiological accidents using experience of Chornobyl and Fukushima studies' at Third Meeting of Joint Japan-Ukraine Committee for the Cooperation to Advance Aftermath Response to Accidents at Nuclear Power Stations

    October, 2015

    Ivan Kovalets made presentation on the Work Group Meeting of the Project U4.01/10G - Development of the method (strategy, technology) for the remediation activities at the former uranium facility Pridneprovskiy Chemical Plant Stockholm, Sweden

    Kovalets I.V, Khalchenkov A.V. Concentrations in Air of Radon and PM10 Dust Emissions including Deposition Rates from all Objects
    September, 2015

    Mark Zheleznyak made presentation on the International Workshop Regional Cooperation on Emergency Preparedness and Response in South East Asia Region, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Zheleznyak M., Introduction to Hydrological Models of the Decision Support Systems RODOS" Vladimir Maderich, Igor Brovchenko, Roman Bezhenar and Kateryna Terletska presented a series of lectures on the development models of the marine environment in theKorean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology,Ansan-si, South Korea

    Ivan Kovalets was invited to give lecture in China Aerodynamic Research & Development Center (CARDC) 'Development and application of CFD models for air pollution studies: overview of 20 years activities in IMMSP and UCEWP' (Mianyang, Sichuan, China, Sep 2015).

    August, 2015

    Ivan Kovalets and Alexey Boyko made presentations on the 2nd CONFERENCE of the Project EAST AVERT Promoting Integrated Management for Water Policy and Flood Risk Prevention and Early Warning System in the upper Siret and Prut River Basins cross-border area, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

    Kovalets I., Khalchenkov A., Anulich S., Udovenko O. System of meteorological forecasting in Prut and Siret river basins

    Boyko O. Kovalets I. Sorokin M. Yevdin Y. Zheleznyak M. Setup of distributed model for flood forecasting in watersheds of Prut and Siret rivers

    July, 2015

    Roman Bezhenar presented report at the 13th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, Fukuoka, Japan Bezhenar R., Jung K.-T., Maderich V., Willemsen S., de With G., Qiao F. Migration of radiocaesium from bottom sediments to fish through benthic food chain.

    May, 2015

    Vladimir Maderich presented report at the 4th China-Korea Workshop on Oceanic Monitoring and Development of Prediction System of Radionuclides for Nuclear Safety, Qingdao, China.

    Maderich V. Four years after Fukushima accident: Lessons for marine environment modellers.

    April, 2015

    Members of UCEWP team presented their work at European Geophysical Union's General Assembly in Vienna:

      1. Terletska K., Maderich V., Brovchenko I., Kyung Tae Jung, Talipova T. Classification of regimes of internal solitary waves transformation over a shelf-slope topography
      2. Bezhenar R., Jung K.-T., Maderich V., Willemsen S., de With G., Qiao F. Transfer of radionuclides from high polluted bottom sediments to marine organisms through benthic food chain in post Fukushima
      3. Zheleznyak M., Raskob W., Kovalets I., Kivva S., Maderich V., Nanba K., Bezhenar R., Ievdin I. Prognosis and assessment of the consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi accident provided by the models of the decision support system RODOS
      4. Zheleznyak M., Kivva S., A.Konoplev, , K.Nanba, Y.Onda Role of Reservoirs in Radionuclide Transport in the River Systems: Comparative Analyses for the Rivers of the Chernobyl and Fukushima Fallout Zones
      5. Zheleznyak M., Kolomiets P., Dzjuba N., Ievgen, Sorokin M., Denisov N., Ischuk O. and Koeppel S. Numerical Modeling for Flood Mapping under Climate Change Impacts: Transboundary Dniester River Study.
      6. Boyko O., Zheleznyak M. Flood predictions using the parallel version of distributed numerical physical rainfall-runoff model TOPKAPI
      7. Hofman R., Seibert P., Kovalets I., Andronopoulos S. Analytical source term optimization for radioactive releases with approximate knowledge of nuclide ratios
    December, 2014

    Vladimir Maderich made the presentation at the Fall Meeting of American Geophysical Union (San Francisco, USA):

    Maderich V., Jung K. T., Terletska K., Brovchenko I. Incomplete similarity of internal solitary waves with trapped core
    November, 2014

    Members of UCEWP team presented their works on the development of the Hydrological Module of the RODOS System at the Workshop of the EU FP7 PREPARE Project "Extension of aquatic dispersion and consequence modeling in Decision Support Systems, on the basis of recent experiences and technological advances" Bratislava Slovak Republic

      Bezhenar R., V.Boyko, I. Ievdin, V.Koshebutsky Information about testing implementation of HDM JRODOS model chains with the implementation of JRODOS in Ukraine
      Ievdin Ie. JRODOS - status of the development and implementation of the new features
      Maderich V. Overview of the THREETOX and POSEIDON modeling systems and status of their implementation into JRODOS
      Takahashi T., K.Nanba, M.Zheleznyak Overview of the radionuclide contamination problems of the rivers, reservoirs, ponds and coastal areas in Fukushima Prefecture and related proposed changes in the WG5 Work Program
    October, 2014

    Sergey Kivva and Mark Zheleznyak made presentations at the JAEA 2nd Cesium Workshop: meeting challenges for Fukushima recovery, Fukushima:

    Kivva S., Mark Zheleznyak, Kenji Nanba. Mathematical Modeling of Radiocesium Transport through the Subsurface Environment, Rivers, Reservoirs, and Watersheds for Justification of Post-Accident Countermeasures: Experience of Post Chernobyl Studies and Testing of the Applicability to Fukushima Conditions

    Ivan Kovalets participated in the Workshop of the EU FP7 PREPARE Project on Extension of atmospheric dispersion and consequence modelling in Decision Support Systems at the National Centre for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS, Athens, Greece with the report: Kovalets I., Ievdin I., Andronopoulos S., 2014. Status of implementation of Source Inversion Module in the JRODOS

    September, 2014

    Mark Zheleznyak made presentation at the 13 South Pacific Environmental Radioactivity Association Conferences, Australia:

    Konoplev A., Valentin Golosov, Sergei Kivva, Kenji Nanba, Yuichi Onda, Yoshifumi Wakiyama, Mark Zheleznyak. Gomparative Analysis of Mobility and Bioavailability of Radiocesium of Ghernobyl and Fukushima Origin in Soil-Water System

    Mark Zheleznyak presented work of UCEWP team at the 3rd International Conference on Radioecology and Environmental Radioactivity (ICRER-2014) Barcelona, Spain:

      Zheleznyak M., Kivva S., Konoplev A., Onda Y.,.Nanba K. Comparative modeling analyses of Cesium-137 fate in the rivers impacted by Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents"
      Zheleznyak M., Raskob W., Bezhenar R., Boyko A, Ievdin I., Koshebustsky V. et al. Integration into JRODOS the models of radionuclide transport in rivers, reservoirs and coastal waters to support the emergency response in early accidental stages"
      Kivva S., M.Zheleznyak, A.Konoplev., Y.Onda, K.Nanba, Y.Wakyama. Models of radionuclide transport on watersheds: development and implementation for the Chernobyl and Fukushima catchments
    July, 2014

    Mark Zheleznyak and Andriy Demydenko participated in the Workshop Managing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads to Water Bodies:

    Characterisation and solutions, Towards Macro-Regional Integrated Nutrient Management, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Ispra with the report:

    Demydenko A., Zheleznyak M. Nitrogen and phosphorus monitoring and modelling in Ukraine
    May, 2014

    Vladimir Maderich and Igor Brovchenko presented their work at the 3rd China-Korea Workshop on Oceanic Monitoring and Development of Prediction System of Radionuclides for Nuclear Safety Qingdao, China:

    Brovchenko I., Maderich V., Jung K. Multifractional model of transport of mixture of cohesive/non-cohesive sediments in the Yellow Sea
    April, 2014

    Members of UCEWP team presented their work at the European Geophysical Union's General Assembly in Vienna:

      Jung K.T., Maderich V., Bezhenar R., de With G., Qiao F., Casacuberta N., Masque P. 90Sr dispersion and fate in the Northwestern Pacific and adjacent seas:global fallout and the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident.
      Taulpova T., Terletska K., Maderich V., Brovchenko I., Jung K., Peulnovsky E., Grimshow R. Loss of energy of internal soultary wave over underwater obstacle
      Tkaulch P, Luu Quang-Hung L., Kolomiets P., Zheleznyak M. Projections of storm surges over Sunda Shelf for the future culmate
      Wakiyama Y, Onda Y Yoshimura K, Kato Y, Konoplev A, Zheleznyak M. Radiocesium wash-off associated with soil erosion from various land uses after the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP accident
      Kantardgi, I., Zheleznyak, M., Demchenko, R., Dykyi, P., Kivva, S., Kolomiets P., Sorokin M. Modeulng of nonulnear hydrodynamics of the coastal areas of the Black Sea by the chain of the proprietary and open source models
    March, 2014

    Mark Zheleznyak presented achievements of UCEWP in the field of flood forecasting at the Workshop on EC Joint Operational Programme EAST AVERT, Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova: Flood Forecasting in Prut and Siret River Basins Chi?inau, Republic of Moldova

    January, 2014

    Andriy Demydenko presented joint work of UCEWP and Institute of Water Reseourse (USA) at the Fourth meeting of Joint US-Ukraine Working
    Group on Scientific & Technological Cooperation: Demydenko A.O., Kovalets I.V., Zheleznyak M., Stakhiv E. Warning and minimization of consequences of natural hazards

    Spyros Andronopoulos from NCSR Demokritos (Greece) presented work performed in collaboration with UCEWP at the Euratom NERIS-TP dissemination Workshop on Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery, Oslo (Norway): Andronopoulos S., Kovalets I., Ievdin Y., Anulich S. Trybushnyi D. Operation of Decision Support Systems for Nuclear Emergencies based on freely available meteorological dataNew functionalities developed in the NERIS?TP project

    July, 2008
    M. Zheleznyak made presentation on International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software, Barcelona:

    Kivva S., Zheleznyak M. "Modelling of the Risks of the Sidoarjo Mud Flow, Indonesia."
    June, 2008
    The company specializing in the offshore applied software development "Compitum Soft" is established on the basis of the Software Development Department of UCEWP.
    May, 2008
    V. Maderich made presentation on Annual Meeting of Korean Oceanographic Society, Jeju, Korea

    I. Brovchenko, V. Maderich, K. Terletska. "Application of 3D Lagrangian multi-size sediment transport model to the coastal ocean problems."

    I. Brovchenko, V. Maderych, K. Terletska, B.H. Choi. "Non-hydrostatic models and their applications to the coastal ocean."

    T. Talipova, E. Pelinovsky, I. Brovchenko, K. Terletska, V. Maderych, B.H. Choi. "Transformation of interfacial solitary wave on the step."
    April, 2008
    D.Treebushny made the presentation on the Assembly of European Geophysical Union, Vienna:

    Ievdin I., Treebushny D., Raskob W., Zheleznyak M. Development of the re-engineered European decision support system for off-site nuclear and radiological emergencies . JRODOS. Application to air pollution transport modeling.
    March, 2008
    I. Ievdin, D. Treebushny and M. Zheleznyak presented new release of Java Rodos and Demo version of Hydrological Dispersion Module of RODOS for Danube basin on Rodos User Group Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

    UCEWP (on behalf of Global Water Partnership) organized the Second National Policy Dialogue meeting on Integrated Water Resources Management in Ukraine.
    February, 2008
    UCEWP won the tender of the Zakarpatsky Hydrometcenter on the improvement of flood forecasting system for Uzh and Latoritsa river basins in the frame of the INTERREG MOSES Project .
    January, 2008
    A. Demydenko is involved in the development of methodology of Strategic Environmental Assessment of regional Development Strategies in Ukraine with Crimean Regional Development Strategy as a case study.
    December, 2007
    V. Maderich made presentation on Fall Meeting AGU, 8-14 December 2007 in San-Francisco:

    Maderych V., Brovchenko I., Fenical S., Nikishov V., Terletska K. Development and application of non-hydrostatic model to the coastal engineering problems.
    December, 2007
    Within the framework of the UNDP/GEF project "National Capacity Self-Assessment for Global Environment Management in Ukraine" the document was issued "National Environmental Policy of Ukraine: assessment and development strategy", in which the chapter "Ukraine.s International Integration in the Sphere of Environmental Protection" was prepared with the input of Andriy Demydenko.
    November, 2007
    M. Bruijs made presentation on The Second Thermal Ecology and Regulation Workshop. October 2 . 3, 2007. Denver, USA:

    R. Bezhenar, I. Brovchenko, R. Heling, H. Jenner, V. Koshebutskyy, A. Kuschan, V. Maderich, K. Terletska, M. Bruijs "Application of 3D numerical model THREETOX for the prediction of cooling water transport and mixing".
    October, 2007
    UCEWP started the projects on the detailed 3D modeling of the impacts of Hydro Accumulation Power Plant on the thermohydrodynamics of Tashlyk reservoir on the contract with South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant.
    June, 2007
    M.Zheleznyak as a member of the official Ukrainian delegation has participated in the meeting on ESPO Convention (Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in a Transboundary Context) "Danube-Black Sea Deep Water Navigation Canal in the Ukrainian Sector of the Danube Delta."
    April, 2007
    Four presentations have been made on European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2007 in Vienna, 15-20 April:

    Treebushny D. Breeds of the Reduced Rank Square Root Kalman filter: regression analysis framework as a source of inspiration.

    Bezhenar, R. Brovchenko I., Heling, R. Jenner H., Kuschan A., Koshebutskyy V., Maderich V., Terletsk K. Application of 3D numerical model THREETOX to the prediction of cooling water.

    Brovchenko I., Gorodetska N., Hutter K., MaderichV., Nikishov V., Terletska K. Laboratory and numerical study of interaction of large amplitude internal solitary waves with local obstacle, narrows and steep slopes.

    Brovchenko I., Koshebutskyy V., Maderich V., Terletska K. Application of 3D Lagrangian multi-size sediment transport model to the simulation of dense water cascading due to winter shelf convection and turbidity.

    December, 2006
    Oleksiy Prymachenko, Ivan Kovalets and Mark Zheleznyak have presented on the Management Committee of Euranos Project, the concept and pilot results of the re-engineering of the RODOS system on the basis of Java technologies, that has been supported by MC for further developments.
    November, 2006
    The book is published: Chernobyl - What Have We Learned? The Successes and Failures to Mitigate Water Contamination Over 20 Years / Onishi, Yasuo; Voitsekhovich, Oleg V.; Zheleznyak, Mark J. (Eds.) Springer, 2007, X, 289 p., ISBN: 978-1-4020-5348-1
    September, 2006
    Igor Brovchenko and Roman Bezhenar participated in XXVI International School of Hydraulics, 19-22 September,2006. Goniadz, Poland and presented the papers;

    Brovchenko I., Kanarska J., Maderich V., Terletska K. 3D non-hydrostatic modeling of bottom stability under impact of the turbulent ship propeller jet.

    Bezhenar R. Numerical solution of two-dimensional advection equation on curvilinear grid using TVD-schemes.
    September, 2006
    The results of the researches made in the frame of CRDF project are presented on XXX International Coastal Engineering Conference, San Diego, CA

    Fenical S., Kolomiets P., Kivva S., Zheleznyak M. Numerical modeling of passing vessel wakes impact on Berthed Vessels and Coast (presented by Pavlo Kolomiets)

    Zheleznyak M., Khomitsky V., Kivva S., Demchenko R., Kolomiets P., Shepeleva T., Shepsis V. Laboratory and Numerical Studies of Waves, Currents and Sediment Transport at the Deepwater Navigation Channel in the "Bystroe" Arm of the Danube Delta (presented by Mark Zheleznyak)

    Maderich V., Kanarska Yu., Fenical S., Terletska K., Brovchenko I. 3D Non-Hydrostatic Modeling of Bottom and Bank Stability Subjected by Ship Propeller Jets (presented by Igor Brovchenko)
    September, 2006
    UCEWP staff members start involvement into the second stage of the R&D project between Cybernetics Center of National Academy of Science and Intel Corp in the field of Machine Learning - first R&D project of Intel Corp in Ukraine
    November 2005 - August 2006
    Set of 5 meetings in Vienna, Prague, Karslruhe with the participation of M.Zheleznyak, G.Donchyts, A.Primachenko, D.Treebuhny, I.Chorny on the UCEWP involvement in the software reengineering of EC decision support system on offsite emergency management - RODOS in the frame of EC 6FP project EURANOS. First release of reengineered demo version of Hydrological Dispersion Module "Vurtual Danube" issued at 26 August.
    August 2006
    Alex Bojko made presentation on Tissa flood forecasting modeling on XXIII Conference of the Danubian Countries on the Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
    July 2006
    Young researchers Anatoly Kuschan and Oleg Udovenko has participated in the ACCENT - CMAS Training Workshop on Air Quality Modeling, Sofia, Bulgaria for implementation of the US EPA Models-3 Air Quality Modeling system (WRF-CMAQ-SMOKE) in Sofia, Bulgaria

    UCEWP's weather forecasting portal www.meteoprog.ua continue to be one of the most popular Ukrainian web resources
    July 2006
    UCEWP completed joint project with NRG (Netherlands) "Modelling of cooling water dispersion in NUON -ROTTERDAM area".
    June, 2006
    Dr. I. Brovchenko made presentation on the 6th Euromech Fluid Mechanics Conference (Stockholm, June 26.30, 2006)
    Brovchenko, S.Fenical, Yu. Kanarska, V. Maderich, K. Terletska "3D RANS Modeling of Bottom and Bank Stability Subjected by Ship Propeller Jets"
    June, 2006
    In the frame of the joint project with MRCB and AWE, Malaysia and NIRAS, Denmark it was finalized and presented by Mark Zheleznyak on the meeting on Tioman Island the "Coastal Hydraulics and Water Quality Modelling" part of the modeling based Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment "Beach Rehabilitation Project at Teluk Tekek, Pulau Tioman"
    April, 2006
    Dr. Mark Zheleznyak , Director on R&D, has received Presidential Award "For Merits" for the studies on mitigation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident
    April, 2006
    Three presentation of young scientists on EGU 2006 Assembly:

    EGU06-A-07964; HS47-1WE3P-0396; Poster Area: Hall A
    Boyko, O.; Treebushny, D.
    Application of a physically-based distributed rainfall-runoff model TOPKAPI-IMMSP to gauged and ungauged mountainous catchments of Transcarpathean region, Ukraine

    EGU06-A-09442; NP5.02-1TU3P-0227; Poster Area: Hall A
    Treebushny, D.
    Statistical vs. stochastic orthogonality and the Ensemble Kalman filter

    EGU06-A-09578; HS38-1FR3P-0193; Poster Area: Hall A
    Donchyts, G.; Shlyahtun, N.; Treebushny, D.; Primachenko, A.; Zheleznyak, M.
    The architecture and prototype implementation of the Model Environment system.
    February, 2006
    In February 2006, UCEWP was designated as a focal point of National Water Partnership, a member of Global Water Partnership, which represent a neutral platform for facilitating of National Policy Dialogue on implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management and Millineum Development Goals.
    November, 2005
    Congratulations to young researcher UCEWP
    I. Brovchenko defended PhD dissertation "Numerical modeling of oil spills propagation in near-shore zones of seas and inland waters"
    November, 2005
    UCEWP completed joint project with NRG (Netherlands) "Modelling of discharges of cooling water in the Beerkanaal. A 3D model evaluation of cooling water discharges from the ENECO power plant into the harbour (Rotterdam)"
    September, 2005
    UCEWP completed joint project with NRG (Netherlands) "Cooling water in Lake Ijsselmeer. 3D model evaluation of cooling water discharges from the FLEVO power plant (Electrabel) into the lake"
    August, 2005
    US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) in frame of Next Steps to Market Program awarded UCEWP the grant for the project "Software system to simulate coastal erosion and sediment transport under joint effects of waves and currents".
    August, 2005
    UCEWP started the project "Generic Model Simulations (GMS) of spreading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Century" awarded by European Commission in frame of FP6/SSA program
    July, 2005
    UCEWP completed joint project with NRG (Netherlands) "Cooling Water BASF, Antwerp. Model evaluation of the thermal impact of cooling water on the harbour"
    June 2005 - September 2005
    Young researcher from UCEWP team Dimitri Treebushny participated the Young Scientist Summer Program YSSP-2005 at the International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA) with the summer project "Modeling framework for analysis of flood risks Upper Tisza river region (Ukraine)."
    April, 2005
    Dr. V. Maderich and Dr. E.Terletska made 3 presentations on General Assembly of European Geophysical Union, Vienna, Austria, 24 - 29 April 2005
    April, 2005
    Gennadiy Donchyts was awarded by EURATOM fellowship of EC (grant for young scientists from third countries) for studies in Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany. The topic of study is "Enhancement of the complete hydrological models chain for operational use in the RODOS software environment".

    Dr. Ivan Kovalets has received the same EC award for studies in Research Center "Demokritos", Athens, Greece.
    March, 2005
    UCEWP has started the project with AWE, Malaysia on the coastal protection modeling for Tioman Island, Malaysia - one of the world most beautiful tropical island
    December, 2004
    UCEWP has participated in AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco. 4 presentations were done by I.Brovchenko, Yu. Kanarska, V.Maderich and M.Zheleznyak
    November, 2004
    Dr. Mark Zheleznyak, Director UCEWP on R&D, was awarded by the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology 2004, for the researches 1986-2004 "Comprehensive study of environmental consequences of Chernobyl accident and decision support for the countermeasures" together with Prof.G.Bogdanov ( National Agriculture University), Dr.G.Bondarenko ( Institute of Environmental Geochemistry NASU), Prof. L.Frantsevich ( In-t of Zoology NASU), Prof.D.Grodzinsky ( Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering NASU), Dr.V.Kashparov and Prof. B.Prister ( Institute of Agricultural Radioecology), Prof. I.Likhtarev ( Institute of Radiation Medicine) and Dr. O.Voitsekhovich ( Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute)
    July, 2004
    European Commission in frame of FP6/SSA awarded UCEWP the grant for the project "Generic Model Simulations (GMS) of spreading of marine pollutants in the Arctic environment during the 21st Century".
    April, 2004
    1st General Assembly of European Geosciences Union (Nice, France, 25 - 30 April 2004)
    • Yu. Kanarska, V. Maderich Three-dimensional simulations on the seasonal and short-period variability of circulation in the Dardanelles.
    • Donchyts, G. Development of a decisions support system for river water protection measures in a case of accidental pollution.
    April, 2004
    EGU - 1st General Assembly, EGU04-A-01049, Donchyts, G. "Development of a Decisions Support System for River Water Protection Measures in a Case of Accidental Pollution."
    February, 2004
    Gennady Donchits was invited to participate in the Joined Panel of Experts of the HarmonIT project.
    HarmonIT (http://www.harmonit.org), is a research project funded by the European Commission aiming at the development and implementation of a European Open Modelling Interface and Environment (OpenMI) that will simplify the linking of hydrology related models.
    January, 2004
    The project proposal "The Nordic Seas in the global climate system" prepared by the international team, including UCEWP scientists, is awarded by the INTAS Open Call-2003 grant.
    December 2003
    The project proposal "Strongly nonlinear internal waves in lakes: generation, transformation and meromixis", prepared by the international team, including UCEWP scientists, is awarded by the INTAS Open Call-2003 grant.

    New version of the web portal www.meteoprog.com.ua is issued, presenting under new design weather forecasts for the Ukrainian territory for 7 days.
    November 2003
    US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) in frame of First Steps to Market Program awarded UCEWP the grant for the project "Software system to simulate coastal erosion and sediment transport under joint effects of waves and currents".
    October 2003
    International Symposium "Off-site Nuclear Emergency Management: Capabilities and Challenges" , Salzburg, Austria, 29 September - 3 October 2003:
    • Zheleznyak M., (IMMSP/UCEWP) V. Kashparov, B. Prister , M.Lazarev (UIAR), I. Likhtarev, L.Kovgan (NRPI), N. Tkachenko (MES). Experience of rehabilitation of territories contaminated during Chernobyl NPP accident in Ukraine
    • Raskob W. (FZK), Heling R. (NRG), Zheleznyak M. Is There a Need for Hydrological Modelling in Decision Support Systems for Nuclear Emergencies?
    • Zheleznyak M., Maderich V., Dzjuba N., Kivva S., Koshebutsky V. (UCEWP/IMMSP), Onishi Y. (PNNL) Implementation of the hydrological dispersion models of RODOS for assessment of off-site nuclear impacts caused by non energy production sources
    • Zheleznyak M., Lins W., (KNT) Kovalets I. , SorokinY., Dvorzhak A., Kushchan A., Bogorad A., Koshebustky V., Shlyahtun M. Pilot Implementation of the Rodos system in Ukraine
    • Kovalets I. , Andronoupolos S. (DEMOCRITOS) , Bartiz J. Use of data assimilation procedures in the meteorological preprocessor of DSS RODOS
    • Madsen H, (DHI), Treebushny D., Kivva S. , Zheleznyak M. (UCEWP/IMMSP)Kolomeev M,, Kamaev D., Ershov A. (TYPHOON) Data assimilation in the hydrological dispersion module of RODOS
    September 2003
    Int. Conf. Oil Spills, Oil Pollution and Remediation, Bogazici Univ., Istanbul, Turkey
     Brovchenko I., Kuschan A., Maderich V., Shliakhtun M., Koshebutsky V., Zheleznyak M. Model for oil spill simulation in the Black Sea.

    UCEWP has started work as a sub-contractor of Arcadis Euroconsult, NL on the TACIS project "Flood Risk Assessment and Management in Zakarpatska Oblast, Ukraine", EuropeAid/114229/C/SV/UA
    August 2003
    XXX IAHR (International Association of Hydraulic Research) Congress. August 2003, Thessaloniki, Greece.
     Kanarska Y. Maderich V. A non-hydrostatic numerical modeling exchange flows.
    June, 2003
    UCEWP experts were granted by the R&D project of STCU "Integrated system for hazardous flood modelling and risks reduction: case study for Tisza (Ukraine), Riony (Georgia) rivers" in collaboration with IMMSP, Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev; Tbilisi University.
    June 2003
    Second MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics. Cambridge, MA, USA. Presented paper Kanarska Y. A three-dimensional non-hydrostatic numerical model of free-surface stratified flows.

    International Conference Computational Science - ICCS 2003, St.Petersburg, June 2-4, 2003.
    • Treebushny D., Madsen H. (2003), A new reduced rank square root Kalman filter for data assimilation in mathematical models. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2657, Computational Science - ICCS 2003, Proc. Internat.. Conf., Melbourne and St.Petersburg, June 2-4, 2003, Eds. P.MA. Slot at al., Part.1., Springer, pp. 482-491.
    • Donchits G., Zheleznyak M. Object - oriented framework for modelling of pollutant transport in river network., Ibid, , pp. 35-44
    • Kivva S. Data assimilation for 2-D advection-diffusion equation - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2657, Computational Science - ICCS 2003, Proc. Internat.. Conf., St.Petersburg, June 2-4, 2003, Eds. P.MA. Slot at al., Part.2., Springer, 2003, pp. 619-628
    April, 2003
    Joint Assembly of European Geophysical Society, American Geophysical Union and European Union of Geosciences. Nice, France
    Seven papers are presented:
    April, 2003
    We start new Internet project - Meteoprog.com.ua - web portal for numerical weather forecasting for Ukrainian territory. The website is working now in Russian and Ukrainian. The English version of the website coming soon.
    December, 2002
    3rd European GOOS Conference, 3-6 December 2002 Athens, Greece
    Presented paper:
    • "The modelling system for simulation of the oil spills in the Black Sea" I. Brovchenko, A. Kuschan, V. Maderich, M. Shliakhtun, S. Yuschenko, M. Zheleznyak
    September, 2002
    11th Biennial Conference on Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas (PECS), 17-20 September 2002, Hamburg, Germany
    Three papers are presented:
    • "A non-hydrostatic numerical model for calculating of free-surface stratified flows in the coastal sea" Yu. Kanarska, V. Maderich,
    • "Modelling of the seasonal dynamics of the water masses, ice and radionuclide transport in the large Siberian river estuaries" V. Maderich, Dziuba N., Koshebutsky V., M. Zheleznyak , V. Volkov (NIERSC, Russia)
    • "The influence of different parameterisations of meteorological forcing and turbulence schemes on modelling of eutrophication processes in a 3D model of estuary" V. Maderich, O. Nesterov and S. Zilitinkevich (Uppsala University, Sweden)
    August, 2002
    Success of young scientists
    Two our researchers - Yaroslav Sorokin in the Forschungszentrum Karsruhe (FZK), Germany and Dmitry Trebushny in DHI Water&Environment, Denmark have finished successfully 6-months works under the grants for young scientist from 3-rd countries of EC 5-th Framework R&D Programme.
    Gennady Donchits since July till December 2002 will continue fellowship research in FZK. In September 2002 Alexej Primachenko will start 6-month fellowship in FZK and of Dr.Ivan Kovalets in NCSR "Demokritos", Greece in the frame of the same EC Programme.

    Yuliya Kanarska won Young Scientist Fellowship grant of EC INTAS Programme.
    July, 2002
    International Conference 'Hydroinformatics 2002" 1-5 July 2002, Cardiff, UK
    Two papers are presented:
    • "THREETOX model. Application for the control of waste heat in reservoirs and estuaries" R. Heling (NRG,Netherlands), V. Maderich, V. Koshebutsky
    • "Water quality modelling to support the operation of the Kakhovka Reservoir, Dnieper River, Ukraine" J. Hoybye (Water Consult, Denmark) , L. Iritz (SwedPower AB, Sweden), M. Zheleznyak, V. Maderich, R.Demchenko, N. Dziuba, G. Donchitz , V. Koshebutsky
    July, 2002
    As a part of the subcontractual work in the project "Chernobyl New Safe Confinement Conceptual Design Environmental Impact Assessment" Dr. Mark Zhelznyak has started visit till end of September 2002 to Pacific Northwest Laboratories- Battelle , Richland, WA, USA.
    May, 2002
    As subcontractor of Danish Company "Water Consult" UCEWP starts modelling work to simulate water quality in Danga Bay, Malaysia - our first Asian project.

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